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Jens Torp

Jens Torp is a Dane who now lives in England with his family. He trained as a Goldsmith and worked for many years as a jeweller in both Denmark and London. He has been involved in the miniatures world since 1990.
Jens has taught in Tune several times previously and is really looking forward to teaching again in this beautiful place in 2024.




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Timea Vajonne

I am a Hungarian living in the Uk with my husband and our 3 cats since 2005.
I discovered the miniature world 13 years ago, and I was hooked straight away .
I got my first clay from my husband as a Christmas present and started sculpting little people from scratch.

My dolls are 1:12 scale Unique characters inspired by everyday life.

My first exhibition was in London 2016 in Kensington KDF. 

In 2021 I became an IGMA Artisan. 
I am looking forward to showing and teaching my knowledge in Tune.
I hope we will have a great time together in the class in Denmark!




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Yosh Sagi

I've been interested in miniatures and furniture making since my childhood. Things started to get serious with my first commission 15 years ago, when I was asked to furnish a complete dollhouse. After this first miniature job I felt the need to follow a solid training in cabinet making so I went to one of the best schools in Europe for furniture making where I learnt everything I needed to make better miniatures.

Since 2018 I started making miniatures professionally and have attended miniatures fairs in London, Chicago, Paris and Arnhem.




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        Alexandra Cantatore
My name is Alexandra, I live in Crema, a small town near Milan, in Italy. I attended Brera Academy, and I studied literature at University Statale of Milan.
My grandmother and my mother instilled in me a passion for miniatures. In 2002 I started a doll’s house for my daughter: it was the starting point for my miniature art.


I mainly reproduce furniture and accessories that I have at home, belonged to my grandmother or bought at the flea markets that I love to explore. I have also specialized in reproducing typical objects, furniture and tools of a painter’s studio, taking inspiration from what I have at home or from the studio of a dear painter friend of mine, a former teacher in my youth.
I love that my works tell the stories of those who owned them, that they show the signs of time so to inspire emotions in those who look at them.

Since September 2019 I’ve the IGMA Artisan Certificate.




A5 - B5

Beth Freeman-Kane

I am a professional artist and Fellow of IGMA. I regularly exhibit my artwork and teach workshops all over the world. I live in South Africa and I am a wife and mother of 3 grown children.

My artwork celebrates the significance of small things most often overlooked in Nature, and invites the viewer to 're invest' attention in the seemingly unworthy or unremarkable.

Little things matter!

By combining both sculpture and painting techniques to create tiny birds and animals, I use a variety of mixed media to build intriguing miniature environments that delight and invite speculation through visual story telling.

These scenes are often humorous with a whimsical touch, or sometimes slightly surreal in presentation, but ultimately the portrayal of detail is always as realistic as possible in order to ground the creatures in the real world we live in. The underlying message is a reminder to preserve and protect these delicate, uncelebrated treasures. 

I love to explore themes of 'new life and hope in decay' , and I am continually inspired by Nature's overwhelmingly relentless persistence in reclaiming spaces.

My works are designed for pure joy!




A6 - B6 

Marie-Louise Markhorst

I live in Arnhem, the Netherlands with my partner, youngest daughter, and our dog.
After high school, I studied art at ArtEZ art school. When I turned fifty I went to the Vakschool in Schoonhoven to learn goldsmithing techniques. Not to become a goldsmith but to use the techniques in miniature making. For several years now I have worked with copper, brass, and silver.

In 2020 I participated in the Dutch television show 'Klein Maar Fijn', a miniature talent show, and made it to the finals. In 2022 I became an IGMA artisan.
Because I think it is very important to pass on the knowledge I feel honored to be able to teach in Tune. I hope we are going to have a great time making copperware.