B CLASSES - 2 DAYS (2024)

B1 -Art Nouveau Silver photograph frame - Jens Torp


Art Nouveau Silver photograph frame with pear wood backing.
In this class, the silver front of the photograph frame can be designed and made by the student, or students can follow the pattern provided by Jens.

With a jeweller’s saw you will cut out your design from a sheet of silver.
You will be taught to mark the silver for piercing and to drill and file the object. The final stage is to prepare for and polish the silver photo frame and mount it onto the backing.

The pear wood backing (lacquered and finished) will be made by Jens and provided to the students.  


Materials fee: GBP 35  (paid to the teacher in English pounds or Danish Krone)

B2 - Sculpting emotions- Timea Vajonne

Fully booked!

In this 2 day sculpting class, we will create happy, sad, grumpy and cheeky faces, from scratch
using polymer clay .You will learn the proportion of the face and create different emotions, making the all important features on the face, eyes, nose, mouth and ears . You will experience how a little change in shapes makes a different face .

After sculpting we will
add lifelike colouring and shades to the faces with Genesis heat set paint, and bake them. You will go home with 4 different faces to create any characters in your own time .

All materials and tools will be provided to finish this project. Please bring your magnifying
glass and your favourite sculpting tools if you have any.


Materials fee: EUR 25

B3 - Gueridons - Yosh Sagi

Fully booked!


Gueridon: a small stand or table designed to support a candelabrum.  
In this class we will be making one, or if time permits, two gueridons. 
We will focus on carving the twisted wooden post.
The top is veneered or can be adorned with a simple marquetry (or a small marquetry that you have already made).
Materials like wooden turned posts and parts to build 2 gueridons or more (pear wood) and a selection of veneers will be provided. 

Materials fee: EUR 45

B4 - Old French rack - Alexandra Cantatore

In this class we will build a French, old rack of wood, ideal for the kitchen or cellar.
On the rack we find wooden utensils, such as a meat tenderizer, rolling pin, grater, pepper mill. Als metal utensils such as a funnel, ladles, sieve, milk pot, a match holder, an old candle holder and a tin can with lid.

We will use wood, steel harmonic wire, aluminum and copper foil, brass and wood small parts,
polystyrene, different types of glues and acrylic colors, spray and not.
You going to learn different techniques that can be applied to make a variety of objects. We will
provide labels, templates and what is needed to age and make your creation unique.

No special technical skills are required, you are going to use tools such as cutter, drill, the
Proxxon sand pen, etc. To create the match holder, we will use a photogravure by Pierluigi
Pirovano, IGMA Artisan.

Rack size: 66mm x64mm, depth13mm.

Materials fee: EUR 48

B5 - Blue tit on watering can - Beth Freeman Kane


In this class we will gain some experience with polymer clay learning to sculpt the tiny Blue Tit. Castings will also be provided and students can choose to use their own sculpting or my casting for their final piece.  Acrylic painting will be taught to paint the bird and rusty metal water can. The tiny dragonfly will be created from polymer clay and real insect wings .


The class will be a fun and enjoyable experience with a really beautiful finished project to take home!


Materials fee: EUR 35

B6 - Three copper ladles and kitchen utensils - Marie-Louise Markhorst


In two days you learn how to make a variety of kitchen utensils.

You are going to make three different copper ladles, a kitchen knife, wooden cutting board and a grater. If there is time enough you can also make a copper frying pan.


Techniques you will use are sawing with a jewellers saw, filing, riveting and a bit of soldering.


Materials fee: EUR 40