Accommodations are at Tune Kursuscenter (Tune Conference Centre),  Grevevej 20, 2670 Greve, Denmark near the villages Greve and Tune ca. 30 km from Copenhagen and ca. 30 km from Kobenhavns Lufthavn, Kastrup (Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup). It is a handsome old estate, up-to-date with modern standards. Most of the rooms are single with a private bathroom. There are also a few double rooms available, also with private bathrooms.

 At our disposal are spacious workshops, conference rooms, lecture hall, living room, dining hall and the beautiful surroundings that includes a courtyard. All indoor spaces are non-smoking.

Please be advised that the buildings have many staircases, and are not suitable for wheelchair users.

How to get there by public transport:


From Copenhagen airport, there is a good public transport service (metro, train, bus) to get to Tune Kursuscenter.  The journey takes around one hour and 15 minutes.  There is a bus stop in front of the Kursuscenter. 


You can check schedules here:

Fill in CPH Lufthavn (A) and Tune Kursuscenter (Grevevej) (B) for all available options. 

Please be aware there may be different schedules according to the seasons.


 Tune Kursuscenter on Google Street View (with the bus stop on the left)