Miniature in Tune:  JULY 8 - 12, 2024


It is a great pleasure welcoming you again to Miniature in Tune!


Miniature in Tune is an international summer school for miniaturists wanting to learn techniques and skills for making miniatures and be part of a cosy and inspiring social community of miniaturists from all over the world.

Our teachers are some of the leading artists within their specialities.


The summer school takes place in beautiful surroundings at Tune Conference Center, Greve, about 30 km. west of Copenhagen, Denmark.



The summer school was started in Denmark as 'Miniature i Tune' in 2008 and has had several Danish and other European miniaturists at the helm.  Since the beginning of 2023, Miniature in Tune has been an official foundation based in the Netherlands, dedicated to the continuation of the summer school in Tune, Denmark.  

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