B1 - Beth Freeman-Kane


Robin's Nest 

Come and spend a fun 2 days creating this lovely miniature vignette featuring the much loved European Robin. Resin castings of the bird and flower pot will be provided and Acrylic painting techniques will be taught. A variety of interesting materials will be used to create the landscaping elements, delicate Forget-me-not flowers and bird nest with eggs.

Definitely a fun class, please join me! 

Material Fee 35 EUR


B2 - Erik Goddard

Ancient Doorway


Build an ancient doorway, in a small space measuring approximately 15x20 cm, and framed for hanging on a wall.

In this workshop you will learn different techniques to create stone and brick effects, age and weather them, and distress wood. The gold frame is an example, and may vary slightly from the prototype. You will have the freedom to use different colors, patterns and shapes, so that you can apply these techniques to your future projects.

Material Fee 20 EUR


B3 - Ann High

Pierced Stool


Learn how to carve this lovely 16th century boarded stool with its unusual gothic design. Pierced carving is an interesting and fun technique to learn. An extra alternative stool is also available for experienced carvers who may finish early and wish to do more.

I teach in easy stages so the class is suitable for all abilities, although beginners should be aware they may be slower than experienced carvers.

Material Fee 35 EUR

B4 - Tine Krijnen

Carousel Book

The Night Before Christmas


Students will make the Carousel Book The Night Before Christmas with five scenes of the poem written by Clement Moore. The book will be bound in green cloth and will have two red Christmas bells as closure. The complete poem in simple booklet, with illustrations of the carousel book will be made as well. A workshop for students with good eyesight, a steady hand and patience. Cutting the scenes from the carousel book requires precision cutting.

Material Fee 35.00 EUR

B5 - Diane Meyboom

Miniature Etching

Under supervision of the teacher you will make an original dry needle etch on a small sink plates. The etch plate will be pressed on very thin high quality ets paper. You will learn the fine tricks of fine etching from Diane.

You are free to select and bring the image you would like to etch or you can get your inspiration from Diane in drafting the image. The number of etches being made is unlimited within the time frame of the workshop. Day 2 we will make the frames and frame the etching prints.

Material Fee 30.00  EUR


B6 - Michael YurkovicMake a Rubber mold/Cast a part


We will create a 2-piece mold, which is applicable for just about all molding applications in your miniature world. Students will bring in their own part(s) to mold and cast. If students do not have an item to bring in, the instructor will provide examples. Students will first prepare the first side of the mold, using clay to establish the parting line. Then add registration points, and pour the first side in quick cure silicone rubber. After curing, about 30 minutes, students will remove the clay and complete the second part of the mold. we will then use the resulting mold to cast at least one part per student. Students will do all the work to get the full experience, and have a skill they can take with them to use in their own applications. Sources will be provided for students, and students will have their molds to take home.

Material fee 55 EUR