Classes for 2024 will be posted November 1st 2023!

B1 -The convent of St. Teresa - Erik Goddard


The convent of St. Teresa in the remote hills of Spain has remained unchanged for 3 centuries. Yet while the nuns have gone about their business below, no one seems to know who maintains the candle in the room at the top of the stairs.

This is a 1:12 scale project, but very compact, measuring 20 x 20 x 10cm. The magic of this piece is the illusion created by the sense of a room at the top of the stairs, where we cannot see, and by the candle on the table, which appears to have no wires. In the project, you will rig these effects, build the walls and stairs, install the rear window and lighting, and create the table with a choice of scenarios. The painting is an example; that space is for your personal touch or nothing at all. You will have options to create the frame and exterior of the project. The project is lit with LEDs which can be operated with a battery pack.


Materials fee: EUR15* for the box and electrical. A frame + glass (assembled together)  is an extra €10. The reason I charge extra for the frame + glass is because it requires a lot of effort to make it and I would have to pack it, plus the people who don’t want a frame shouldn’t have to pay for it. However, the standard frame strips is free or included with the box (no glass).

B2 - Gift Crate- Jeanie Brownlie Anderson


Tempt your tastebuds while learning how to make a variety of polymer clay treats in this fun gift crate class!
We will shape and color crackers, pears, artisan cheese, and chocolates, decorate and glaze madeleines with liquid clay, practice a simple caning technique to make a summer sausage, wrap toffees in foil, modify a champagne bottle with 2-part epoxy putty, and make tiny bows using a custom template.
Time permitting, we’ll be able to make multiples of several items, and students will receive materials and a pattern to make a separate 6-pear gift box.
All levels are welcome!

Materials fee: EUR 40



B3 - Louis XVI Encoignure/Corner Cabinet - Geoff Wonnacott


A beautiful example of Louis XVI furniture, this corner cabinet will be an elegant addition to any miniature setting.  From a prepared cutting list of timber, each student will construct the basic cabinet fitting a central shelf as well as veneering and banding the decorative sides and feet. The full-height cabinet door has a false drawer front and an elaborate quarter-veneered and banded door panel.  Students will have the option of adding floral /music marquetry to the panel before hinging.  Finally shaping the real marble top and applying the metal mounts.
A reasonable skill and ability would be an advantage.

Materials fee: EUR 90



B4 - Range of three Copper Milk Jugs - Marie-Louise Markhorst

In this class we will make 1 to 3 milk jugs out of copper, depending on how fast you can work. You will learn a large variety of metalworking techniques: sawing, drilling, dapping, and soldering.

Students will saw and form the jugs out of copper plate. The parts will be soldered with a flame. The handle can be made of copper or brass.
It is recommended that you have some experience in using a fretsaw or a jeweller's saw. The pieces must be made very precise to be able to solder them. You are welcome to bring your own jeweller's saw or buy one with me. I also have a few extra to lend. Please let me know if you want to buy one, so I can bring it.

Materials fee: DKK 260 - EUR 35 (+ €15 if you want to buy a jeweller's saw)



B5 - Miniature Etching - Diane Meyboom

After the success of this class in 2022 and on request again: the etching workshop!
Under the supervision of Miniature Artist Diane Meyboom, you will make an original drypoint etching on a small zinc plate. Diane will teach you the intricacies of fine etching. The etching plate will be pressed on very thin high-quality etching paper.
You are free to select and bring the image you would like to etch or you can get your inspiration from Diane in drafting the image.
The number of etchings being made is unlimited within the time frame of the workshop.
On day two you can choose to make a frame for an etching print.

Materials fee: DKK 260 - EUR 35


B6 - Miniature Plaque - Jens Torp


The languages for the teaching of this class will be English and Danish.
Here we have a small miniature plaque that can be used to embellish a book, a small box, or even put on a wall.
The skills I will be teaching will be applying a design to a silver sheet, drilling, piercing, engraving, polishing, and finishing. It would be helpful if the student had a design idea that we could discuss.

Materials fee: DKK 130 - EUR 17,50