The total project (5 days) is a Danish Chippendale style mirror with gold gilt Rococo carving.

So two different classes that go into one fantastic project when combined. And it is Danish!


Chippendale style mirror (3 Days class)

Making a router bit on lathe and than using it to cut out the fancy molding on the inside of the mirror frame.

The mirror could be used without the carving.


Material fee: 400 DKK 


Panda Collection

Students will learn how to work with very thin leather to make shoes.

Students can also choose their favorite model and style for the project, but just un black and white: it's the panda collection!

Full written instructions will be provided to assure a certain autonomy in the project's development.



As usual, students can complete how many pairs of shoes they want.

It's up to them!

Material fee: 350 DKK


Teens to Tots

In this workshop we explore the facial and body proportions of children aged 3 years, 9 years and 12 years and will hope to complete a figure for each group male or female.

The workshop welcomes new comers to polymer clay work or experienced artists want to develop their talents.

As this is a sculpting workshop there will be little time to dress the figures but we will cover painting the face using Genesis Paint and a suitable wig ready for dressing at home.

Material fee, payable to the teacher in class, includes all tools and polymer clay, is 400 DKK


Fine Wire Basket, inspired by Georg Jensen

The teaching language is English. The teacher understands and speaks Danish.

The techniques taught are filing, drilling, piercing, wirework, soldering, preparing for polishing and polishing.                                                 Material fee: 350 DKK


Shop, Top Part

Building the top part of the shop that was our project last year.

Even if you didn't follow this class last year, we can adjust it to a one story property and change one window into a front door or you could buy a kit from the shop we did last year.

Although it's just as sketch, you will build a nice French style top part. With a combination of brickwork and stone, it will have a mansard roof and a chimney on the side. You will create 2 rooms, office/living room what you would like to use it for and an attic. I'm in the middle of designing it but as soon as I have actual piece done pictures will be posted. The class will be fun and not really complicated but will be a lot of work. It involves painting, ageing, wiring for lights, furnishing on the inside.

Material fee will be announced once I've completed the prototype.


Garden Table with Metal Flowers

Metal garden table with brass flowers. A metal shaping and soldering class, where the students will create brass shim flowers off their own choice from several patterns, and fit them on a garden table made from metal rod and sheet. The table will be painted. Fitted round glass top is provided in class. Techniques taught in this class can be used for future projects. Skill level is from beginners to skilled.

Material fee, to be paid in class, is 350 DKK