A1 - Robin's Nest - Beth Freeman Kane



Come and spend a fun 3 days creating this lovely miniature vignette featuring the much loved European Robin with extra details. Resin casting of the bird and flower pot will be provided and Acrylic painting techniques will be taught. A variety of interesting materials will be used to create landscaping elements, delicate Forget-me-not flowers and bird nest with eggs. Also included will be a tiny snail and a butterly. Definitely a fun class, please join me!

Material fee: DKK 260 - EUR 35



A2 - Holiday Sweets - Jeanie Brownlie Anderson


 It's never too early to start preparing for the holidays!

In this class we will working on polymer clay, chalk pastels, modeling paste and liquid clay. On the menu is a chocolate layer cake decorated with a tiny gingerbread house and candy trees, liner cookies and sugar dusted aebleskiver - a traditional Danish holiday treat.

Some of the techniques covered will require patience and steady hand, but the beginner and seasoned clay artist alike be rewarded in this fun, appetizing class.

Students will receive a wood cake base, a glass cake stand and a porcelain plate on which to present their creations, but should feel free to bring their own favorite display items if they wish. They will go home with three beautiful finished pieces, and molds for making more gingerbread houses and aebleskiver.

Material fee: DKK 290 - EUR 38



A3 - Louis XV Table and Casket - Geoff Wonnacott



A typical Louis XV style table made in the elegant manner of French cabinetmaker Pierre Langlois.

Starting off the class with a prepared cutting list of timber and veneer the fine cabriole legs will be formed and the rails shaped. A single drawer will be made, veneered, partitioned and fitted out with leather writing flap.

The shaped top will be cut and veneered and a shallow brass gallery, hardware and mounts will be fitted after a finish is applied.

All basic tools will be provided however please feel free to bring small hand tools and any optical equipment you may require.

Completion is likely in class or detailed booklet is provided should you prefer to finish at home

Louis XV Style Casket

A small yet elegantly shaped example of Louis XV style, this casket less than an inch long in miniature will enhance many decorative situations, be that a desk box, jewel chest or as a stand alone table cabinet.

Starting in class with a cutting list of prepared timber and brass.

The mitered sides will be assembled to form the carcase, the lid raised panel will be sanded to shape and rails mitered around. Individual jigs will be made to produce decorative brass strips and detailed brass hardware shaped before fitting into place.

A finish will be applied with the interior base lined in silk.

All basic tools will be provided, however please feel free to bring small hand tools and any optical equipment you may require. Completion is likely in class, a detailed booklet is provided should you prefer to finish at home.

Material fee: DKK 820 - EUR 110


A4 - Atlas - Mappe Monde - Tine Krijnen


The students learn all facets of book binding during the making of this atlas. With this book, the pages are being cut and vintaged before they are sewn.

In short these are the steps to make Atlas:

Cutting pages

Form signature and bind them

Make the cover

Decorate it with tooled title

The result will be a beautiful world Atlas published in 1700

Material fee: DKK 390 - EUR 52




A5 - Painting "The classical Beauty" - Diane Meyboom


Painting of "The classical Beauty" by John William Godward.

Under guidance of Diane Meyboom you will paint "the classical beauty" on authentic canvas. You will use original handmade Paint by Diane with authentic pigments. Diane will guide you through the workshop and teach you some fine painting skills. Day 3 we will make the frame and frame "The classical Beauty".

Material fee: DKK 485 - EUR 65



A6 - "Oasis" Gas Pump Workshop - Michael Yurkovic



Our subject is a vintage gas pump, abandoned for decades in the desert, finding itself home to new residents. The finished piece stands about 20 cm. tall , and the globe atop the pump lights up with a self-contained battery. Nesting sparrows and a little mouse find themselves tucked in around the vintage oil cans and concrete blocks.

Students will spend the three-day class with Michael constructing the gas pump. Michael will provide his custom-made resin castings of all the parts for the pump, oil cans, concrete blocks, etc. Students will paint and finish all the parts, and apply weathering to the degree they desire. Several sets of decals and markings will be provided so that students will have the ability to personalize their project. The gas pump can be painted in your choice of colors, with matching decals, for Mobilgas (Pegasus) for example, or the version shown in the pictures. The instructor will also provide the custom water slide decals and other markings. As LED lights the dome, which will be molded by Michael as a clear part with the LED encased in the casting, and will be pre-wired for easy installation in the cavity of the gas pump. Students are asked to bring their own 9volt battery. The round wooden base will be provided by the instructor. A glass dome can be purchased by students for display purposes from one of their local suppliers. Students can add the wildlife and landscaping details by taking Beth Freeman-Kane's two days class.

Material fee: DKK 700 - EUR 95