A1 - Beth Freeman-Kane

Agapanthus High Tea


This is a box framed composition depicting a charming scene containing delicate Agapanthus flowers and a Yellow Warbler bird feeding her fledgling chicks. The bird castings will be provided and Acrylic painting techniques will be taught using unusual materials! Fun is guaranteed, and once complete the piece will be professionally framed, (kit and all materials provided), ready to take home and hang on your wall!

Material Fee 50 EUR


A2 - Erik Goddard

Convent of St. Teresa

The convent of St. Teresa in the remote hills of Spain has remained unchanged for 3 centuries. Yet while the nuns have gone about their business below, no one seems to know who maintains the candle in the room at the top of the stairs.

This is a 1:12 scale project, but very compact, measuring 20x20x10 cm. The magic of this piece is the illusion created by the sense of a room at the top of the stairs, where we cannot see, and by the candle on the table, which appears to have no wires. In the project, you will rig this effects, build the walls and stairs, install the rear window and lighting, and create the table with a choice of scenarios. The painting is an example; that space is for your personal touch, or nothing at all. You will have options to create the frame and exterior to the project. The project is lit with LEDs which can be operated with a battery pack.

Material Fee 65 EUR



A3 - Ann High

Henry VIII's Merchant Table

Enjoy learning the techniques to carve this merchant's table. It has two parchemin panels at the front and a smaller one each side. Parchemin is an early form of linenfold and this is a stylish and intricate design. Then learn how to assemble and finish the table.

I teach in easy stages so the class is suitable for all abilities, although beginners should be aware they may be slower than experienced carvers.

Material fee 65.00 EUR

A4 - Tine Krijnen

Atlas, Mappe Monde

The students learn all facets of book binding during the making of this atlas. With this book, the pages are being cut and vintaged before they are sewn. In short these are the steps to make this atlas:

Cutting pages

Form signatures and bind them

Make the cover

Decorate it with a tooled title

The result will be a beautiful Atlas published     in 1700

Material Fee 52.00 EUR

A5 - Diane Meyboom

Painting "The classical Beauty"


Painting of "The classical Beauty" by John William Godward. Under guidance of Diane Meyboom you will paint "the classical beauty" on authentic canvas.

You will use original handmade paint made by Diane with authentic pigments. Diane will guide you through the workshop and teach you some fine painting skills. Day 3 we will make the frame and frame "The classical Beauty".

Material Fee 53.00 EUR

A6 - Michael Yurkovic

Park Bench


Students will create this wood and resin park bench in 1:12 scale. Resin cast parts will be provided by the instructor, but students will learn how the patterns were made, and parts cast. Hardwood seat planks will be attached to the frame, with faux fasteners created by a special tool. Colors for the side frames and wood stain color will be decided by the student.

Material Fee 55.00 EUR