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Beth Freeman-Kane


Beth Freeman was born to South African parents in Australia in 1966. The family returned home to South Africa in 1970, where she has lived sever since. Miniaturism emerged in Beth's creative endeavors from the tender age of six, together with a fascination for all living things. Her talent and passion for "creating in little" came quite naturally, rather than being a conscious decision. Throughout her formal education, this was generally considered a flaw by her teachers and tutors, and concerted efforts were made to correct this tendency! The idea that art should be large to have any substance or validity was a constant theme. In the end, her stubbornness and inner drive kept her focused on what she knew she was best at. Her art evolved over many years to take on the unique form we know today. She is now a professional artist with an extensive following of collectors.

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Jeanie Brownlie Anderson 

Jeanie's passion for miniature food began at the age of 7 when she received a multi-color pack of modeling clay for Christmas. After covering every available flat surface with her tiny creations, her parents finally built her a dollshouse to fill instead!

A few joy-filled years later, her love of minis went underground until, about 8 years ago, she posted some photos of her surviving pieces on social media. A friend invited her to teach a class at a local miniature shop, and she jumped in with both feet, and has never looked back.




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Geoff Wonnacott

My great grandfather was a cabinet maker so I guess it was already in the blood, and of course after 40 years working with sharp edge tools and machines I have seen plenty of that. With a traditional background in furniture and cabinetmaking starting at a young age working with a local cabinetmaker, I spent as much time as possible in the traditional cobblestone floor workshop, ankle deep in crisp shavings curled from razor-sharp wooden hand planes and the smell of linseed oil and polish. With school and college apprenticeships completed in Exeter and Barnstaple, a town with deep roots in the furniture industry, it was time for me to specialize and move away from some of the more commercial aspects.

In the early eighties I started making smaller cabinets and furniture, so it was a natural progression into even smaller miniature work. To find that there was a relatively new and growing market for miniatures was an added bonus. I have been making and teaching workshops for many years, but still learn something new every day.

That is what Life is all about!



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Tine Krijnen

Miniatuurboekbinden Tine Krijnen, IGMA Fellow, exists since September 1995. I became fascinated with miniature books at a demonstration of old professions where I demonstrated bookbinding. Miniature pop-up books became my specialty and since I started making pop-up books I have published 7 different titles the latest is The Model Menagerie from 1895. Besides pop-up books, I also publish historical books, such as Mappe Monde, a world atlas from 1700 and a fairly new one Collectively Speaking by Kay Browning (2017).

Because I know how fun and fascinating is to create your own books, I also sell multiple kinds of do-it-yourself kits with clear descriptions. The experienced miniaturists will find printed sections which they can bind books on their own. I regularly give workshops and teach students miniature bookbinding.


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Diane Meyboom

Diane Meyboom is an internationally recognized miniature painter. The artist profession was not a choice for Diane. She has always been drawing and painting since she was born. Diane was educated at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. There she was known as a painter with a technical background.

Twenty two years ago Diane started painting miniature paintings for her mother for her dollhouse, And so the pleasure and love for painting in miniature was born. She started to specialize in the techniques of the old Dutch masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Now, twenty two years later, Diane Meyboom makes refined miniature paintings that are exactly faithful to the world famous authentic painting methods of the old masters. She masters the etching techniques in miniature and she has made many other special miniatures. Her works of art are of very high quality and worthy of a museum. This makes Diane unique in its kind, worldwide known as a professional miniaturist.

And of her artistic expertise in the field of miniatures, Diane Meyboom is now also a jury member in a Dutch Television program. 


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Michael Yurkovic

Michael Yurkovic brings his variety of experience as an Industrial Designer, Toy Inventor, Technical Illustrator and Machinist to each piece he creates in miniature. His works have been featured at The Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the KSB Miniature Collection in Maysville, Kentucky. Michael regularly teaches workshops around the United States, and will expand his schedule in 2022 to include The Netherlands, London and Denmark. His latest works are inspired by stories, or narratives, which guide the creation of a new piece, often developing organically with the project. Please feel free to connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, or on his website.